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Alliang Parterns Hong Kong Cooperate

About Allianz Partners

Allianz Partners, part of the Fortune Global 500 Allianz, is the world's leading provider of B2B2C services in assistance and insurance solutions, dedicated to providing global expertise in the international health and lifestyle, automotive, assistance and travel insurance industries. Allianz Partners operates in 78 countries and regions around the world, providing global solutions that go beyond traditional insurance, giving new meaning to assistance, helping and caring for customers . Our innovative solutions experts provide future-oriented high technology, high touch products and services through Allianz Assistance, Allianz Care, Allianz Automotive and Allianz Travel. With more than 19,000 employees worldwide, we have successfully handled more than 54 million cases each year, focusing on providing thoughtful care to our customers and employees around the world. 
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As a partnership centric organisation, we value the contribution that working with compansies can bring.

If you would like to discuss how we might work together, please contact us on the below details: 


Email: hk.azpartners@allianz.com    

Phone: (+852) 2280 4240